McGregor fires back at Masvidal

Just when we all thought Conor McGregor would let the comments from Jorge Masvidal slide… UFC star and fan favorite welterweight fighter Jorge Masvidal has been trying for a few years to pick a fight with mega star and former featherweight and lightweight champion Conor McGregor. While it would be a blockbuster, the larger Masvidal … Read more

Colby Covington’s broken tooth from alleged Masvidal attack is gnarly

Colby Covington may have defeated bitter rival Jorge Masvidal in the UFC’s cage but all of the joy of settling the rivalry went away quickly. Before and after their bout at UFC 272 in March, Covington talked smack about Jorge, Jorge’s teammates, and family. Anyone who thought their beef was over when that fight ended … Read more

Masvidal was ‘f***ing irate’ at Covington after loss

Jorge Masvidal lost a blood feud settling bout with Colby Covington at UFC 272 and it hasn’t been sitting well with him. The hatred between the former friends is no less than it was before they stepped in to The Octagon. It was a decision victory for Colby in which he out-struck Masvidal 218-90 and … Read more

VID| Jorge Masvidal publicly endorses Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida native and BMF title holder Jorge Masvidal is true to his word and is standing by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. The governor has grown in national popularity recently with his firm stance against public schools sexualizing kindergartners through third graders by passing the Parental Rights in Education bill. Masvidal has come out in support … Read more

Covington clowns Drake again for betting on Masvidal

Colby Covington is a master on the mic. Love him or hate him he is. The lead up to his fight with Jorge Masvidal earlier this year at UFC 272 was a volcanic cloud of chaos that ended with Covington’s hand raised. Possibly even sweeter for Covington was the fact that singer Drake, who dislikes … Read more

WPLG news footage of Masvidal attacking Covington in Miami

Colby Covington may have beaten bitter rival Jorge Masvidal inside the Octagon but ”Street Jesus” just got some revenge. Covington was out on the town in Miami when he was ambushed by Masvidal who served him a three piece and a soda. Reports state that Covington suffered a broken tooth and a damaged, likely very … Read more

Covington says no reconciliation with ’criminal’ Masvidal

This weekend we will finally get a resolution to the most talked about, or at minimum the most personal MMA feud in the last five years. Two former friends turned bitter rivals both arguably at the height of their popularity meet at UFC 272 on Saturday. The buildup has been entertainingly toxic and sometimes caustic, … Read more

Gilbert Burns not sold on Covington beating Masvidal

Colby Covington’s blood feud with Jorge Masvidal is legendary. I don’t throw that term around lightly. These former friends and teammates have been involved in a bitter and very public rivalry ramped up in the past few months. That’s because a fight between the two was finally announced and a date was set. March 5th … Read more

Get it on: Masvidal drops Colby Covington ’Street Judas’ episode 1

Once upon a time teammates turned bitter rivals will undoubtedly steal the show at UFC 272 on March 5th. Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington will fight Jorge Masvidal in what is the very definition of the term ’grudge match’. The pair were reportedly close friends but both have confirmed over the years that … Read more