In 2019 UFC star Jorge Masvidal had an altercation with Leon Edwards that ended with Masvidal punching Leon in the face. A bout between the two has yet to materialize with most of the pushback in the past reportedly being from Jorge’s team. Now, after two failed attempts to dethrone Usman and a new champion it looks like Masvidal is ready to fight him. There’s just one problem. It seems like team Edwards isn’t entertaining the possibility of Jorge getting a crack at Leon’s shiny new belt.

Here is what Leon’s coach, Dave Lovell told MMA Junkie about the situation.

Leon has been climbing the hill for a long time, as you know…And he’s tried to reach the top and each time he does, he’s been knocked back, knocked back, knocked back. But now he’s climbed the top. Now he can be the one at the top of the mountain knocking back people. Well, you can stand at the back of the line, Mister Masvidal, for starters….You little rat Judas, your time will come also, but we’re picking on our terms. The same way you told Leon to wait at the back of the line, well you wait now, mate, because Leon is at the top of the hill.

It really isn’t surprising if you take in to consideration that Jorge once held the high ground as one of the biggest stars in MMA. Now on a three fight skid, Masvidal campaigning for a title shot at someone he once shunned isn’t going well.