Top 5 Winning MMA Betting Tips Revealed 2020!

To win a wager on MMA fights, you must realize the difference between old tricks and new and smart MMA bet tricks. Truth be told there is no exact scientific trick that holds as MMA betting entails. However, there are ways to bolster your winning chances by researching other forms of betting are done. To … Read more

The best collection of quality combat sports meme videos we’ve seen


We love the creativity of some mixed martial arts fans. They can take a combat sports moment and immortalize it with some clever editing and special effects. If you haven’t seen the Anthony Joshua soul leaving the body video it’s in the below montage along with some other very cool clips. I don’t usually share … Read more

Bellator trying to make the mythic Lesnar vs Fedor fight a reality

Look man. At some point in the past alot of MMA fans all of the sudden wanted to see Fedor Emelianenko fight Brock Lesnar. Maybe it was because of Brock’s massive frame or maybe they were long time fans from the Russian’s Pride glory days. Fedor would face real threats and then fight mismatched guys … Read more

The best UFC Fighters who never won a UFC title

The world of UFC is very tough. It is one of the hardest places to survive and one of the toughest places to maintain the title as well as to gain the title. There are a lot of strong and famous fighters, though they have not reached any massive success throughout their careers. This is … Read more