Michael Jai White throws flying kick at Francis Ngannou

Michael Jai White may be an above average actor but he’s an excellent martial artist. There were videos circulating of Michael demonstrating a Superman punch for UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou. A few other images and videos popped up but this is our favorite. Look at that genuine smile on Francis and the elevation Michael … Read more

Austin McBroom admits Bryce Hall and other fighters still haven’t been paid

The dangers of freakshow and “celebrity” boxing are many. Potentially unqualified referees, lack of serious fighter safeguards in place, and most important to competitors – money. The YouTube vs TikTok influencers boxing event has received a lot of bad publicity now that reports of non payment have been surfacing. Austin McBroom defeated Bryce Hall via … Read more

Conor McGregor’s tweet about Khabib’s father highlights struggle with irrelevance

Conor McGregor is struggling right now with an injury, a 1-3 run, calls for his retirement, and criticism over his abhorrent behavior. He is also facing the fact that his run as a contender is likely over even if he continues to draw money. McGregor thrives on adoration, attention, media coverage, and controversy. Being the … Read more