When discussing a potential return for Conor McGregor it is always a crap shoot when it comes to predicting who his opponent might be. There are many who think they know who it should be and some of them are probably right. Today we take a look at who we think should face the Irishman when he steps back in to the UFC’s Octagon.

If we are talking about money there are two bouts that would sell themselves with one likely drawing more PPV buys more than the other. Let’s talk about that last one first.

If we are talking star power it really doesn’t get much better of a match-up than Jorge Masvidal. A trash talking brawler with real skills much like the Diaz brothers who is the definition of fan friendly. He will show up when he’s supposed to and make the weight he is contracted to fight at. Two things that the UFC bosses and fans appreciate and two things that will turn them against you if you fail to do so. Conor is the same and if fans are correct in their assessment that his fiery passion for competition is gone we think Masvidal would reignite it. It would be standing room only at every media day, press conference, the weigh-ins, and certainly the venue it would be held in. Make it happen Dana.

The second is a no-brainer. Fans like closure and one of the biggest trilogies in UFC history needs a final chapter. Nate Diaz shocked the world in their first fight by submitting McGregor. Conor would claim the second by majority decision which definitely screamed that a third fight was necessary. Unfortunately, Nate Diaz is no longer under contract with the UFC and is looking to make waves possibly in a boxing match with Jake Paul or the other ventures he hinted at before leaving. The third fight if booked in the next couple of years would be a blockbuster. Nate is beloved and considered a legend and McGregor is the ultimate showman who brings eyes to the product and butts to seats. It has to happen and it needs to be in the near future before interest is gone.

Finally, if a real test for Conor is what fans want there are plenty of people who would give him fits. Kamaru Usman is one of the names sometimes brought up, but unless the UFC wanted to have a death in the cage it would be best not to feed McGregor to the former welterweight king. Some are asking for him to get a shot at new king Leon Edwards, a fight at lightweight with Tony Ferguson, a brawl with Michael Chandler or Justin Gaethje, and the list goes on. The options are many, however of all of those only one would possibly outdraw the Diaz bout and that’s Gaethje. Two of the most exciting fighters of all time facing off to see who’s got more power. Justin would stand right in front of Conor and there is no way he would not return the favor. It would be bloody and possibly end quickly – and violently. That fight would sell very well.

What do you think? Who should he fight next?