Colby Covington may have defeated bitter rival Jorge Masvidal in the UFC’s cage but all of the joy of settling the rivalry went away quickly.

Before and after their bout at UFC 272 in March, Covington talked smack about Jorge, Jorge’s teammates, and family. Anyone who thought their beef was over when that fight ended had not followed Masvidal’s career for very long. Having the the nickname Street Jesus, it would have been obvious to anyone that a receipt aka baptism for that trash talk was coming. It did.

Colby was coming out of a restaurant and a hooded assailant attacked him. The perpetrator was revealed to be Jorge Masvidal who owned up to it on social media. Some fans and fighters might have condemned it but by all appearances most thought it was a lesson in what happens when you make things too personal. Covington would claim his very expensive Rolex was damaged but recently the real damage was revealed.

A photo of the broken tooth Colby suffered from the alleged attack is making the rounds.

Now keep in mind that this has not gone to court yet and Masvidal has pled not guilty. Things will probably heat up again soon.

Stay tuned…