Jorge Masvidal lost a blood feud settling bout with Colby Covington at UFC 272 and it hasn’t been sitting well with him. The hatred between the former friends is no less than it was before they stepped in to The Octagon.

It was a decision victory for Colby in which he out-struck Masvidal 218-90 and he had six takedowns to Jorge’s zero. While Masvidal did wobble Colby for a moment during the fight it was so one sided that it obviously did nothing to make Jorge feel any better. The trash talk between the two has continued to this day but it has taken Masvidal a long while to open up about it. Here is what he said about it on IMPAULSIVE (via MMAFighting).

I was fucking irate. I was upset, and I just like to be in isolation when I get like that. It’s better for me. Take a couple days to figure it out and if I have a problem and I can’t figure it out, fuck, then it’s a real problem. I could fail at something, but if I could find a way to fix it, then I can go back and address it again, then I can sleep with peace at night. So that’s what I did… five, six days in that nowhere land, like, ‘fuck,’ and then I came up with a plan and now I’m gonna execute that plan.

Since the fight, Masvidal attacked Covington on the street for comments Colby made about his family. This feud is far from over.