Askren gets zero love from Usman after losing wrestling match

Put yourself out there in MMA. Even if it’s for charity and even if it’s not in a cage. We dare you. UFC welterweight Ben Askren did in a charity wrestling match with Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs and it didn’t go well. Because the internet is a place for cruel and unusual keyboard warrior … Read more

Looks like we’re getting Askren vs Masvidal this year

Ben Askren wanted no part of a second bout with Robbie Lawler. After Ben was almost murdered in his bout with Lawler at UFC 235 and pretty much gifted a submission win we all assumed they would run it back out of fairness. Wrong. Dana White himself said several times that it was most likely … Read more

Ben Askren is still the troll king with Masvidal vs Till, UFC wants fight

Trollolololol. Ben Askren may be the greatest troll in the UFC and I mean better than Colby Covington good. We have the feeling that Askren would stand over your grave as you were lowered in to it and pee on the coffin so “the dirt sticks better”. Sounds legit. Whenever a popular fighter has a … Read more

VIDEO: Rogan and Schaub discuss controversial Askren vs Lawler fight

We’ll save you time here. The setup for the topic being discussed by Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub is simple. During Ben Askren’s UFC debut fight with Robbie Lawler there were two crazy moments. The first was when Lawler dumped Ben brutally on his head and beating him senseless. The bout could have been stopped … Read more

UFC 235 Thrill and Agony sneak peek, hear Herb Dean’s exchange with Lawler after bad stoppage

The UFC released a sneak peek of UFC 235’s ‘Thrill and Agony’ video. In this you can hear the tense exchange between Robbie Lawler and ref Herb Dean after his fight was stopped prematurely. Also, take note of Rogan’s always entertaining reactions to the action inside the cage. Enjoy!

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Ben Askren gets slammed, knees fly, and Jones owns Smith in UFC 235 Fight Motion

UFC 235 was a solid card with more than a few surprises. Kamaru Usman soundly beat Tyron Woodley to become the new welterweight champion and veteran Diego Sanchez schooled young buck Mickey Gall. The Fight Motion video highlights all of the action in sweet slow motion including those skillfully placed kicks from light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and that NASTY looking slam from Lawler to Askren. Check it out.

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Watch highlights of the mess that was Lawler vs Askren

Ben Askren and Robbie Lawler inadvertently made a mess of their fight Saturday night at UFC 235. Ben was pretty much out after getting slammed on his head and the fight could have been stopped there and honestly maybe should have been. A short time later Askren has Robbie in a choke and the ref steps in when it was clear Robbie was okay. It was a mess. Watch these highlights and let us know what you think of the fight in the comments.

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Dillon Danis provides the most delusional UFC 235 tweet of the week

Conor McGregor pal and fellow MMA fighter Dillon Danis must have been hanging out with Colby Covington recently because his troll skills have reached over 9000. After debuting Ben Askren was almost knocked out by Robbie Lawler at UFC 235 and eventually winning by controversial stoppage the haters came out including Dillon. Danis is either smoking the good stuff or he’s delusional. Check out his taunt to Askren on Twitter…

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Dana White reacts to Askren debut and booking the rematch

Ben Askren debuted against slugger Robbie Lawler at UFC 235 and was very close to taking a nap. Luckily for Ben he recovered and eventually “submitted” Robbie. The stoppage was controversial to say the least so it was only natural for Dana to weigh in on the “rough” start for Ben.

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