shared an article on Twitter that got the wrong kind of attention of the 209 variety.

Stockton MMA star Nate Diaz speaks and the internet listens especially when he comments on what others have to say. I’m one of those people who stops talking and pays attention. I’m either laughing when he’s done or wishing I had the guts to say what he did.

The article in question features Ben Askren and his opinions on Jake Paul’s boxing skills.

No offense to Ben because the guy wrestled his way to the ONE and Bellator championships. He even made it in to Joe Rogan’s top 10 GOAT list and Rogan is stingy with his spots. Then it went south. We all know what happened when Askren arrived in the UFC. It didn’t go as planned.

Askren was victorious, albeit controversially, in his first fight under the UFC lights. In his second outing he was brutally knocked out in under ten seconds. The third saw him submitted and after that Ben called it a day and retired. Most thought it was the end for him until Jake Paul came calling and offered him too much money to say no.

Not that the boxing match challenge was risky for the YouTube star because Ben has the boxing skills of a toddler. Askren accepted and was flattened embarrassingly in the first round as Paul flailed around and celebrated as if he just knocked out Mike Tyson. He will forgive Nate Diaz if he doesn’t respect Askren’s opinion on his striking. Ben is not the best evaluator in that department for sure.

Here is Nate’s response to the tweet mentioned at the beginning of this article…


Jake Paul has made a name for himself by beating up older and smaller opponents. His choices have been smart ones and you can tell his management team helps make sure they stay smart. A loss for Jake would be the end of their cash cow or at least the beginning of the end.

Come on Jake…Out striking Ben Askren is not something to necessarily be proud of and as you can see, Diaz agrees.






By Sean McClure

Sean McClure was the AFL marketing Director. He also wrote for MaXfighting and BJPenn before finding his true home at PMN. He is a retired ring announcer and former sparring partner to many mixed martial artists.