Ben Askren says Jake Paul sucks at boxing

The back and forth between former UFC and Bellator star Ben Askren and Jake Paul has been and will probably be daily until they box in March. No, that is not a joke and unless you have been living under a rock you already knew that.

Ben is primarily known for his grappling and Jake Paul is primarily known for his mouth. Jake started calling out mixed martial arts fighters for boxing matches late last year and never once did Ben’s name come up. Names like Conor McGregor, Jorge Masvidal, and others were the primary talking points.

When it was announced these two would be the ones squaring off in April on the Triller service there was a collective scratching of heads. Out of everyone Paul could have chosen he picked a fighter with a losing record and a short stint in the UFC with no striking accolades to speak up. Part of the mystique of Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather was the possibility that the Irish superstar known for his punching power could catch the undefeated boxer and shock the world.

Still, the fight is happening so just buckle up and be ready for the social media insults flying back-and-forth.

Askren spoke with TMZ recently and he was far from complimentary about Jake’s pugilist skills. Check it out.

Is anyone actually excited for this?

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