Ben Askren reacts to Darren Till’s grim Jake Paul fight prediction

Former UFC and Bellator veteran Ben Askren will be boxing internet star, menace Jake Paul in a freak show boxing match later this year.

We are not kidding unfortunately.

Most of the mixed martial arts community, or at least the ones we have paid attention to on social media all feel the same way. They feel the way that we do. Disappointed because boxers rarely have the courage to cross over to the mixed martial arts cage but they are very quick to call out MMA fighters to step in to a ring. Jake Paul is barely a boxer and he began calling out anyone in the mixed martial arts world who would listen late in 2020. Ben was the last person in the world we expected to sign on the dotted line to face him and probably one of the last people in the world we wanted to do it.

Ben is known for his high-level wrestling and at no time have we ever heard anyone discuss striking when his name is brought up. I guess it makes sense if you want to make a name for yourself and you don’t have any real boxing skill to call out someone from the MMA world who isn’t known for it. No matter what we or anyone else thinks it is going to happen in April.

UFC middleweight Darren Till spoke with Ariel Helwani today and gave his thoughts on Ben’s chances. They weren’t positive and when Ben found out about them he fired back. Check it out.

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