Think of a name. A name belonging to a person you would not want endorsing you. A name of someone approving of something you do that they themselves are not good at. An example would be a a boxer with no wins telling the world that he approves of your boxing skills.

Before Ben Askren was toppled in the first round by YouTube menace turned freak show boxer Jake Paul this past weekend he was given the stamp of approval. A stamp by one of the worst fighters to ever compete in the UFC. That fighter is Phil Brooks better known as CM Punk.

Punk was destroyed by Mickey Gall in his debut bout and then dismantled for three rounds in his second fight by MMA journalist Mike Jackson who was 0-1 coming in. His performance against Jackson was so bad that Joe Rogan said Punk “does not have athletic talent”. So when a fighter of that caliber endorses your skills it is probably not a good sign.

Here is what Punk told TMZ Sports ahead of Ben’s KO loss.

It’s easy to sit on your couch and say that Ben isn’t a striker. He’s competed at a very high level in two different sports, and mindset is a big thing. Ben is going to approach it to the best of his natural ability to win the fight.

….I know a lot of people are counting him out, but no one should be surprised if he wins.”

They are teammates at Roufusport so it would make sense that CM Punk would back him up and say nice things. Looking back now maybe his endorsement was a sign of things to come?

On a sidenote, Dana White once fired Mike Jackson because he was frustrated that he did not finish off CM punk do you one of the many exchanges he could have. It appears that Jackson is coming back after all later this year.

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