Colby is back.

During a recent discussion between BJ Penn Radio hosts and former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington they touched on the potential bout between current champ Kamaru Usman and BMF champion Jorge Masvidal. It’s a matchup that seems like a no brainer for any matchmaker but it has yet to be booked.

Masvidal has three wins in a row all in 2019. He knocked out Darren Till, Ben Askren, and TKO’d Nate Diaz. To any normal human being a title shot would be in his immediate future. Wrong. At least not yet. Even with Kamaru clowning Jorge about everything from his record to his striking prowess the bout hasn’t been officially made. Kamaru just bested one of the most legitimate division contenders in Colby Covington and he’s on top of the world. These two have to clash right?

Not so said Colby on the show:

Let me tell you that he hit lightning in a bottle. Big f**king deal. The dude’s got 15 f**king losses on his record. He sucks at f**king fighting. He’s a piece of s**t f**king person. You know. This is coming from someone who used to live with him and knows all the ins and outs about him. He’s a f**king dirtbag and there’s a reason, f*****g, a lot of his family doesn’t even talk to him anymore. So I don’t think he’s going to sign the dotted line against Marty Fake Newsman, and then I’m getting my f*****g rematch. That’s going to be that.

Wow… Covington was most likely less than a minute away from winning his UFC 245 fight with Usman. Unfortunately for Trump’s favorite fighter the contest was stopped and Usman was awarded the TKO win. Since then we haven’t heard a lot from Colby but that seems to have changed. Covington resurfaced and is certain that that Usman will be fighting him next because Jorge will he campaigning for a red panty night fight with Conor McGregor.

I mean, I think the plan is pretty clear, I wait for my rematch because that’s what I rightfully deserve. I don’t think it’s going to come to fruition because I think Journeyman Jorge Masvidal AKA Street Judas—If you guys know who Judas is from the Bible—he’s not going to sign the dotted line because he’s going to want to wait for that Conor fight. He’s going to want to wait for big money fights. He’s not going to want to fight Marty Fake Newsman and risk losing all the hype that he has, because that’s all Journeymen Jorge Masvidal is right now, hype.

What do you think? Will Masvidal fight Usman and will Covington ever get his rematch?

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