Chael Sonnen discusses Mc-Bib press conference and fan ban

Conor McGregor finally returns to The Octagon to face bitter rival and lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov on October 6th at UFC 229. A press conference for the two was announced but there was one stipulation that dumbfounded everybody. No fans will be allowed to attend and we are guessing it is for safety concerns. The last time these two were near each other a bus got demolished by Conor McGregor and his crew. Listen to Chael P. Sonnen break it down.

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Chael Sonnen explains why he thinks Conor McGregor is doing less media for UFC 229

UFC 229 is coming up fast. It goes down on October 6th in Las Vegas and boasts the most anticipated fight of the year. Lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is the odds on favorite over the challenger and megastar Conor McGregor. Reports from insiders like Dave Meltzer are claiming that the UFC is frustrated with Conor’s lack of media participation. Is he being a diva or is he taking this fight so seriously that he is living at the gym in preparation. Listen to Chael Sonnen’s honest take…

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Sonnen tells crazy Khabib training session story

Chael Sonnen’s coach was apparently present at a private Khabib Nurmagomedov training session and it sounds like it was nuts. He recalled that there were five opponents lined up and Nurmagomedov would scrap with them until they quit. He made it through them all and we’re not surprised. Is this true? Check this out and tell us what you think.

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Bellator poster for Sonnen vs Fedor recreates Rocky 4 ‘Living in America’

Living in America….. Bellator completely owned any attempt by the UFC to corner the poster market. Chael Sonnen takes on Fedor Emelianenko on October 13 at 9PM in a continuation of Bellator’s heavyweight grand prix. Taking a page from Apollo Creed vs Ivan Drago they put the American Sonnen in the famous get up Creed … Read more

Sonnen and Emelianenko reportedly have a date in October

On October 12 we will see light heavyweight champion Ryan Bader fight Matt Mitrione at Bellator 205. The event takes place in Uncasville, Connecticut and we don’t fault you for not knowing where that is. That being said we got some great news and found out that the very next night we will see Chael … Read more

Sonnen stresses importance of Anderson Silva ‘innocent’ label

Chael Sonnen has come to the defense of his mortal enemy. When it was announced yesterday that Anderson Silva was innocent and his failed drug test in 2017 was due to a tainted supplement it was a happy surprise. Silva’s suspension is up in November and a return could happen soon despite being over 40 years old and probably past his prime. Anderson is still Anderson. Check out what Chael Sonnen’s intelligent breakdown of the situation…

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Sonnen thinks Covington is changing the face of MMA

Chael Sonnen feels like his homie Colby Covington is changing the landscape of MMA. Colby is outspoken, reckless, and a natural born bad guy which is right up Chael’s alley. Covington is now the UFC’s interim welterweight champion while he waits for a shot at champion Tyron Woodley to unify the title. Here’s what Chael … Read more

Chael Sonnen says Pettis not Cormier is the real star of UFC 226

Anthony Pettis took on Michael Chiesa at UFC 226 and weathered the storm early to pull a submission win out in the first minute of the second round. Chiesa missed weight but that didn’t deter Pettis from laying it all on the line against the heavier fighter. Chael Sonnen says Pettis was the real star of the night with his performance. Check it out…

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