Hearing Chael Sonnen praise another fighter for not violating the drug testing policy is the cleanest best pleasure. I had to steal from Chris Hansen there.

There is a debate raging right now on the MMA forums about whether or not Glover Teixeira should get the next light heavyweight title shot instead of middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. Both sides make a good argument at least on the surface but most of them failed to see the big picture and moving parts.

Glover is on a 5 fight win streak and definitely deserves a title shot but that doesn’t mean it will happen. Adesanya has been trying to pick a fight with Jon Jones for a while now and it made complete sense when Jones was the light heavyweight champion. That might have broken all of the pay-per-view records the UFC previously established if it happened under those conditions. Jon moved up to heavyweight and Jan Blachowicz busted up Dominick Reyes to capture the vacant 205 pound belt. It’s a mess but in all actuality for Dana White the choice to make is clear. There is still the novelty of the middleweight champion fighting the light heavyweight champion.

Uncle Chael is 100% certain that it will be Jan versus Israel and no one else for the light heavyweight title. In fact in a very recent YouTube video he was his usual over the top self criticizing fans who thought that Glover deserved to be next. This time we can’t go against his thoughts. It is hard to argue that one of the most skilled champions in middleweight history wanting to test himself against the current best in the next division up is not a good idea. This is a rare case of a fight being the equivalent of a scientific experiment. You want to see what’s going to happen when those two objects collide.

The video in question is below. The term “idiots“ and “dumb dumb‘s“ are thrown around. Just check it out.

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