Two of the most controversial figures in modern martial arts history with two of the biggest mouths were bound to insult each other at some point.

UFC mega star and malcontent Conor McGregor hasn’t looked himself since he became filthy rich. Money changes people. No one can argue that. It makes a small percentage of people better but ruins most others. It’s no surprise then that McGregor has become a little odd given the nine figure net worth he now commands. People have begun to point this out publicly, as if it weren’t obvious, and one of those people is another popular personality in the sport.

Enter uncle Chael P Sonnen. A man who needs no introduction. “Anderson Silva you ABSOLUTELY suck!” That guy. Two months ago uncle Chael said:

This was likely in reference to whatever headline stealing bad behaviors that the Irishman was exhibiting at the time. Those comments resurfaced recently and this time Conor was having none of it.

If this were five years ago and McGregor was still the driven, hungry, and borderline crazy fighter he once was I have no doubt that the ‘rich’ Irishman would have tried to make middleweight to face ‘broke’ Chael. The build up would have been incredible. That remains one of the best what if scenarios in mixed martial arts.