Bored? Rewatch the epic grudge match between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva

Let me set the stage properly for you.

UFC star Chael Sonnen insults the entirety of Brazil and possibly half of the known civilized world. Every top fighter in Brazil lines up to try and take him down. Chael nearly dethrones then middleweight champion Anderson Silva who many thought was unbeatable at the time. Then he shocked almost everyone by submitting Shogun Rua and and an angry Vitor Belfort possibly still eating raw testosterone tries to get in on a big money fight by calling the American Gangster out.

There was one Brazilian who just couldn’t seem to let it go. Wanderlei Silva was relentless in his pursuit to get a fight with Sonnen but it wouldn’t happen in the UFC.

In 2017 at Bellator 180 the Brazilian finally got his chance to settle a beef that had been simmering into a sizzle for years. The bad blood was evident and even though both of these fighters were past their primes it was still a fight many including us were itching to watch. If you have seen it feel free to watch it again because it’s – well – free.

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