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As much as we are looking forward to future fights, we cannot ignore some classics from over the years. We’ve identified the very best here.

Clashes That Rocked the World

  1. McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov

We feel that the term ‘rocked the world’ would be an understatement for this one. It’s not really the fight that makes this one so special, it’s more the build-up, the animosity, and of course, the brawl that happened afterward. McGregor was up to his usual tricks with taunting and insulting his opponent prior to the fight, yet Nurmagomedov destroyed him in the octagon on the night.

There was so much tension leading up to this bout that Nurmagomedov decided to jump out of the octagon when the fight ended, and try to brawl with McGregor’s entire team. This is something that had never happened in the UFC before, and will likely never happen again.

  1. Silva vs. Sonnen

Many UFC fans probably wouldn’t list this fight as the best of all time, yet everybody is in agreement, this was the greatest submission ever seen in the UFC. Sonnen absolutely battered Silva for the entire fight, with blows landing left and right, and Silva just couldn’t do anything to defend himself. The problem for Sonnen was that he only kept this up for four and a half rounds, not five.

With around two minutes left on the clock, Silva locked in one of the best triangle chokes that the world has ever seen. It was locked in so tight that Sonnon just had to tap, and Silva snatched the victory.

  1. Lawler vs. MacDonald

Back in 2015, we were treated to possibly the most exciting UFC fight ever. When Lawler faced off against MacDonald, we saw one of the most ruthless displays of MMA in modern-day history. These two guys simply unloaded on one another for the entire five rounds, which is why the octagon was just laced in blood at the end. Both men showed some of the most incredible heart and resilience of any fighter, and arguably, we haven’t seen a fight with such exhaustive determination since. 

Ultimately, Lawler got the victory, yet really, both men were winners on the night with the spectacle that they put on for the fans. 

We are now eagerly awaiting the moment that a fight this intense happens again in the UFC! 

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