Avengers first look: Marvel teases Age of Ultron poster

  Avengers Age of Ultron is almost here. The sequel to the biggest superhero movie of all time will hit theaters May 1, 2015 and we are psyched. In addition to the early trailers we now get a look at the poster art tp ne released ahead of the movie. Check it out! Please like … Read more

Twitter drama: AJ Lee and Steph trade, Vince weighs in

So, recently some Twitter drama emerged stemming from a Stephanie McMahon thank you to Patricia Arquette for speaking out at the Oscars for women’s rights. This prompted AJ Lee to sound off on the apparently vast disparity in Diva vs. male wrestlers pay. Stephanie graciously responded to Lee’s tweets, but something tells me there was … Read more

WTF: Fox News Ohio anchor uses racial slur like it’s cool

There has been some seriously dumb crap said on TV and Kanye West is 50% of them probably. Occasionally someone comes out and decides to try and top him. The latest is a news anchor from a local news channel in Ohio. So Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscars made for the perfect setting. Check … Read more

WFE: Worst Fight Ever video series returns! Orlando style

Here at PMN we strive to bring you greatness representing the indomitable human fighting spirit. Sometimes we get it right and then sometimes it’s just epic win. We bring back Monday’s insanely popular WFE series complete with street fail and what looks like two drunks hugging trying to pop the balloon in between them in … Read more

WWE gets Undertaker’s WM 31 match right, truly last match

Finally, finally, finally. WWE gets the Undertaker’s final match right. After last year’s stunning defeat by Brock Lesnar we all thought it was curtains for him, but the problem was that the fans were so in shock that we all forgot to applaud him and give him the proper send off he deserved. When a … Read more

3 reasons MacDonald vs. Lawler is best for business

Finally Rory MacDonald is getting his shot at the UFC welterweight championship in July at UFC 189. After defeating all comers except for Robbie Lawler – the current welterweight champion – since losing to Carlos Condit in 2010 he gets a chance at revenge. The fight ended in a split decision victory for Robbie and … Read more

UFC mans up, press conference on drug testing set for Feb. 18

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and President Dana White will hold a press conference on Feb. 18 in Las Vegas. UFC Tonight reported the news on Wednesday. This is something our site has called for in the past. We as fans deserve better policing, more transparency, and a clear sign that the UFC is doing something to protect the sport we love. … Read more

Urijah Faber on Cormier, Edgar, says Bisping ‘disrespectful”

During Thursday nights Team Alpha Male Radio show a caller pointed out that on UFC Tonight Michael Bisping and Daniel Cormier broke down Faber’s upcoming fight with Edgar. Both guys definitively picked Edgar as their choice for who wins the fight. Urijah jumped on those comments quickly.   Bisping is being disrespectful, I find that … Read more