Deadpool trailer drops and it is incredible

Ladies and gents Deadpool’s movie trailer has finally dropped and it looks like they got the character RIGHT this time. X-men Origins: Wolverine absolutely screwed Deadpool up beyond recognition to fans so it was important to get it correct for them this time. Check out the 18-rated Deadpool trailer that has the internet buzzing. Please … Read more

The ultimate stupidity of forum dweller Ronda hate

I dare you to visit an MMA forum today. If you go to one of the major MMA sites you will find nothing but internet karate masters and haters. A website that I frequent just to visit the forums has some of the most deliciously stupid posters ever. This week they take Ronda Rousey’s recent … Read more

WSOF strips, suspends Palhares

WSOF was left with no choice but to suspend Rousimar Palhares indefinitely and strip him of his welterwight title after yet another infraction. He held on to his kimura finish of Jake Shields this past weekend for a little longer than he should have after the ref informed him that Shields tapped. He was also … Read more

Worst Karate Ever – Street Fighter 2 edition

It is impossible to talk about karate nowadays without some traditional martial artist whose belt ends have risen up to the know getting riled up. You hear things like, “MMA sucks because karate is better” with no further explanation. The type of idiot that says eye gouges and joint locks would render Jon Jones defenseless. … Read more

Jimmy Superfly Snuka is battling stomach cancer

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Superfly was one of the most beloved WWE superstars in the 80’s. His high flying style was something refreshing to the wrestling world who had been subjected to lengthy holds and grounded mat work. Bill Apter recently interviewed Snuka’s wife, Carole. She said the 72-year-old legend recently … Read more

Bethe Correia’s puzzling road to a title fight, now she’s #5?

Somehow Ronda Rousey’s next opponent, UFC bantamweight Bethe Correia has moved up in the official UFC rankings. Correia miraculously jumped two spaces from 7th to 5th by fighting invisible opponents? She hasn’t fought in almost a full year! We all know it really does look better if Ronda Rousey is fighting a top 5 ranked opponent. After … Read more