As quickly as he accepted Liddell’s challenge Ortiz has changed his tune

So the potential third bout between rivals Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell looks to be over as quickly as the opportunity presented itself. Just a week ago Tito was all in and as of this week he’s out. He claims that Dana White’s refusal to let the fight happen in the UFC was the determining factor in his dismissal. Listen to the retraction…

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Dana White says what most are thinking about a Liddell return

Chuck Liddell was a great fighter and a living legend. The former light heavyweight champion was forced in to retirement after a devastating knockout at the hands of fellow legend Rich Franklin. It was a violent end of a 1-5 streak that finished with Chuck counting the lights in the last three. Over the past six months there have been hints dropped by Liddell that he wants to return to fighting in the Bellator organization and that’s a good thing because Dana won’t let him fight in the UFC again. Check out what Dana told TMZ…

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Heyman may not have been trolling about Lesnar UFC return after White’s comment

Lesnar and White posed for pictures with each other in Las Vegas and immediately social media picked up on it and it went viral in the MMA community. Brock’s last fight was a decision victory over Mark Hunt at UFC 200 later overturned when he tested positive for clomiphene. Imagine the USADA testing just for … Read more

White says Khabib vs Ferguson winner gets McGregor’s belt, no Floyd deal ‘yet’

Conor McGregor’s UFC absence has been noticeable and has now become a problem that Dana White is about to solve. McGregor’s lightweight belt is going around the waist of the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Tony Ferguson at UFC 223 in New York. The event takes place in April in Brooklyn and should be fireworks if you believe the hype – and we do. Nurmagomedov vs McGregor has been THE bout fans want to see and we may finally get it if Khabib can beat Tony. Check out what Dana said about stripping McGregor of his title and where a potential Floyd Mayweather Jr. deal to fight in the UFC is at.

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Wow! Dana White bans Yamasaki from reffing UFC bouts

We all assumed it was coming. Mario Yamasaki has a history of making Dana White and fans mad with some very questionable decisions either with stoppages coming too quick or worse, too late. Rather than in going to a lengthy discussion on all of the mistakes Yamasaki has made we will let Dana do the talking.

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Dana White comments on brain trauma, says he has spots all over his brain

UFC president Dana White had some interesting comments regarding brain trauma in a new interview with AP sports writer Dan Gelston on White was an amateur boxer back in the day, but according to the article, seeing the long-term effects the brutal sport had upon some individuals made him rethink what he was doing. … Read more

BREAKING: Daley says he was released from Bellator

Paul Daley has been vocal about his unhappiness in Bellator. He has cited under promotion, disrespect,  and a number of other things as the underlying issue. Whatever it really is it appears he is done with the company in a Facebook post that appeared around 10AM ET. They’re only your friend, until they’re not your … Read more