The 5 lowest pay per view buy rates in WWE history

Between Hulkamania and The Attitude Era there was a mostly terrible period in WWE history called “New Generation”. It featured cartoony characters, occupational gimmicks, and occasionally a stellar match from, or between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. I was a huge fan in the 80’s but dipped out until Stone Cold Steve Austin dropped the … Read more

WWE actually signs Logan Paul

Hell has frozen over. WWE has officially signed Logan Paul to its roster. WWE’s Public Relations Twitter account shared a photo of Stephanie McMahon and husband HHH posing with the social media influencer turned freak show boxer. Paul was actually a DLC character for the WWE 2K22 game, has appeared on their WWE programming, and … Read more

HHH finally hangs it up

In the past few days Paul Levesque better known as legendary pro wrestler Triple H hinted at an announcement related to his health. HHH has been active in the business since 1990 and those years took a toll on his body. Late last year he underwent a reportedly serious cardiac procedure related to a genetic … Read more

Kevin Nash reveals Scott Hall to be taken off life support

Pro wrestling legend Scott Hall has been on life support after suffering three heart attacks due to complications from a surgery. While fans have been praying and sending good thoughts it looks like things are not going to have a happy ending. Scott’s real life best friend and fellow wrestling legend Kevin Nash revealed on … Read more

Former UFC champ returns to win WWE Royal Rumble

The women’s Royal Rumble had a surprise entrant who would go on to win the battle royal formatted match. Former UFC women’s bantamweight queen Ronda Rousey tossed out Charlotte Flair to be the last woman standing tall in the ring.