WWE released Hit Row, John Morrison, and others in their latest round of roster cuts. There were reportedly a total of 8 stars let go this round. You could argue that this is due to financial struggles stemming from the coronavirus pandemic but another argument could be made about their often baffling/awful creative decisions. You can have value as a person and performer but not to fans if you are presented in a way that prevents an audience connection. Plus, when a company willingly strips away what brought them to the dance, robs fans of something they had come to love… there is a good chance you will be leaving said dance.

There are rumors about preparations for a sale but they are just rumors and that is an article for another time.

83 stars have reportedly been released since the beginning of the year. Pro wrestling had its own “Black Friday” on April 15 2020, when WWE cut hundreds of staff. The main reasons for cuts are usually substantial financial losses, executive salaries and bonuses in jeopardy, and stock value. More cuts are sure to happen before 2021 comes to close and the holiday season is upon us.

It’s a crazy world we live in.

Source: Forbes