Yair Rodriguez gets hit with USADA suspension

Come on man. Yair Rodriguez has been hit with a six month suspension by USADA. This isn’t for a failed test but rather for a rookie mistake. In order to stay active a fighter must provide their location to the organization so they can be randomly tested. According to the report circulating Rodriguez was unavailable … Read more

WTF: Check out a very large TJ Dillashaw

Something’s different here… I’m not saying anything you aren’t thinking. After former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw was suspended for PED usage he essentially disappeared. He will not be able to return to fighting until January of 2021 and that’s probably a good thing judging by this picture. In it, we see TJ looking incredibly … Read more

Got em! David Branch hit with hefty USADA suspension

UFC middleweight Dennis Branch is yet another name on the continuously growing USADA flagged list. It was announced via the official website of the anti doping agency that he tested positive for the substance Ipamorelin in an out of competition sample taken in May. The substance significantly increases growth hormone levels which is a big … Read more

TJ Dillashaw: ‘I cheated’

Former UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw opened up on Chael Sonnen’s podcast about his use of EPO (recombinant human erythropoietin) and why he felt he needed to use the USADA banned substance and performance enhancing drug prior to his flyweight championship bout against Henry Cejudo back in January of this year. Despite trying to cheat … Read more

McGregor praises Garbrandt after Dillashaw drug tests? Pedro Munhoz as champ?

Is this another case of an alternate dimension leaking in to our own? McGregor praising someone again? TJ Dillashaw failed some drug tests. You may have heard that fact if you are able to draw breath. The short version is that not only did TJ fail a recent drug test but past ones that were … Read more