Dana White addresses Paddy Pimblett’s drastic weight changes

Paddy Pimblett fluctuates from competing in the 155 pound weight limit lightweight division to plumping up to over 200 pounds in between bouts. Most doctors, including my sports medicine doctor, would say that is not healthy for a variety of reasons. Ultimately, it’s Pimblett’s body and he can do whatever he wants. He does need … Read more

Paddy Pimblett’s nabs UFC London bonus and continues rise

UFC star Paddy Pimblett is one of the rising stars in the UFC. The lightweight exploded on to the scene with his charisma, thick accent, and ability to finish his opponents much like Conor McGregor. In fact the comparisons between McGregor and Pimblett are an every day utterance on social media. They are impossible to … Read more

Cameron Else: ‘My game plan is simply to destroy my opponents’

Cameron Else stunned the world when he knocked out undefeated Irish prospect Dylan Tuke in the very first round on Bellator 169. Holding a record of 4-3, with all 4 being finish wins, Else has gone on to destroy a few highly touted prospects like Patrick Pimblett and Garry Duffy, both undefeated when Else faced … Read more