UFC star Paddy Pimblett is one of the rising stars in the UFC. The lightweight exploded on to the scene with his charisma, thick accent, and ability to finish his opponents much like Conor McGregor. In fact the comparisons between McGregor and Pimblett are an every day utterance on social media. They are impossible to overlook. So is the growing number of haters as is the norm for the new kid on the block.

Pimblett helped the UFC break records with a $4.5M gate at the sold-out O2 Arena. Despite his star status we have to remember that even with the UFC making big money – Pimblett has only fought 3 times under its banner. Heading in to the signing he was 3-2 in his last five including a failed attempt at recapturing the Cage Warriors lightweight title. Paddy has only fought once in the USA and it was for his first fight which took place in Las Vegas. In all fairness to the UFC they see many prospects just like Pimblett every week and a big money contract isn’t the standard operating procedure.

In his 22 bouts only two haven’t been in England. One was the Vegas debut mentioned above and the other one taking place in Dublin, Ireland.

For his victory over Rodrigo “Kazula” Vargas he earned a $24K base salary ($12K to show, $12K to win). Granted it was only his second fight but the amount of money was surprising to many, including us. He was rewarded with a $50K performance of the night bonus for his first round submission bringing his total to almost $75K. Not too shabby for one night of work. Remember that Pimblett is just 27 years old.

Paddy nabbed another $50K bonus for his second round submission of Jordan Leavitt last Saturday and his salary is certain to have increased since this was his third bout. The base salaries have not been released as of now.