The worst chick street fight ever, maybe all fights

Redneck and gangstas love to fight. Whether it’s to test their strength as a man, to look cool, or to try and be popular. Maybe because they saw it on TV who knows. Mostly all of the fights I saw were awful and consisted of a slapbox themed scrap or head down windmills until someone shoots … Read more

Troll Job: ‘Fake’ Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier discuss UFC 178 press conference brawl on SportsCenter | VIDEO

Just moments after their melee at today’s UFC 178 press conference in Las Vegas, UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and title-contender Daniel Cormier appeared on ESPN SportsCenter and things were, well, a little weird. Jones’ demeanor this time around was completely subdued despite punching Cormier and flaming him on social media just minutes earlier. … Read more

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier wreck site of press conference today

Amazing! You put two guys together that don’t like each other and violence ensues. Some is for show but today seems like it was some legitimate beef between UFC light heavyweight champ and the man that has been eyeing his crown in Daniel Cormier. So as Twitter explodes about the news here is kinda what … Read more

This street fight should headline the next UFC Fight Pass card

Let’s be honest, a lot of these UFC Fight Pass cards aren’t all that. How insignificant was that Mousasi vs. Munoz snorefest? It almost even put Munoz to sleep. That’s a joke. But this street fight is no joke. Watch as lad no. 1 gets pissed because lad no. 2 stole his bong. After the … Read more

Update: Criminal charges imminent in “Shovel Girl” fight video

We were one of the first to post the girl fight that ended with a shovel to the face for a mouthy girl. Now TMZ reports the following: It’s all fun and games until someone gets hit in the head with a shovel … but TMZ has learned police are investigating the infamous “shovel girl” … Read more

Justin Davis tapped on short notice to face Luis ‘Sapo’ Santos at XFC 26

Justin Davis must be confident or crazy. Davis has agreed on short notice to step up and fight Luis Santos this Friday at XFC 26. Davis is 13-11 and coming off back to back losses but a win over Santos could put him back on the right track. Davis is a Strikeforce veteran who has fought a who’s who in the world of mixed martial arts.