For the love of all that is holy people hate that former UFC double champ Conor McGregor is incredibly talented at fighting and incredibly successful outside of MMA.

The latest trolling is based on the ridiculous idea that Donald Cowboy Cerrone would take a dive in his January 21, 2020 bout against the returning McGregor at UFC 246. What are they smoking? Does someone honestly believe that Cowboy would do this, especially with his career winding down very soon? That his last run would be marred with suspicion of taking a dive and leaving that as his legacy? It is mind blowing.

Cowboy vs Conor has title implications and Cerrone knows it. Who’s to say that Cerrone wouldn’t be rewarded with his own title shot with a decisive finish? BUT, and to be fair, if Cowboy wins he will probably be fighting the BMF title holder, Jorge Masvidal going by the way Dana White makes money fights these days. We know it’s not a real title but it counts in pocketing big chunks of money for the new-ish UFC owners.

Conor would never and we stress never let someone take a dive. His own legacy is at stake here. He lost to Nate Diaz, barely beat the Stockton native in the rematch, and after beating Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title he went and lost an exciting boxing bout to Floyd Mayweather Jr. His return was a thrashing by his bitter rival, Khabib Nurmagomedov who eagle bear smashed him in the 4th. So let’s summarize the recent record for Mystic Mac.

– Loses to Nate Diaz

-Squeaks by Diaz in the rematch via majority decision

-Beats Eddie Alvarez and became the first fighter to simultaneously, and actively hold title belts in two divisions

-TKO’d by Mayweather in the 10th.

-Gets number one bull$hit smashed by Khabib via submission upon his return.

Imagine the hate that a loss to Cowboy would bring and times that by two if he won and it was even close to looking like it was a fix. Imagine the investigation and career hold up it would cause the Irishman. Red tape, hearings, and money. That last one is exactly why McGregor would not risk it.

As competitive as McGregor is there is zero chance that he would hear the conspiracy theories of a fix and not ensure that this wasn’t true. Come on, man.

Cowboy has been putting in work hard for this potentially career defining moment. He’s sitting at 36 years old and while he is still not at that over the hill point he has already fought in an amazing 49 fights. With a record of 36-13 he honestly has nothing left to prove.
33 of those fights happened in the UFC and along with that record setting number he has the most finishes in the organization at 16. In those losing bouts he had faced some of the best in the world and even bested Al Iaquinta, the fighter who pushed Khabib the hardest he had been to that point.

Cowboy has been on the receiving end of TKO’s in his last two bouts but they have been to current #1 contender Tony Ferguson, and the fighter just behind Ferguson on the list at #3, Justin Gaethje. No shame in that.

The point is that each of these fighters have something big to lose, or more importantly gain, and so far nothing about this buildup has a ring of truth to the claim that the fix is in. Chael Sonnen helped this fire get started when he discussed it on his YouTube Channel and it’s sort of just spread from there. I don’t understand the logic that forum dwellers use. SMH.

Then again…I just posted THIS.

Cowboy shared a photo today that doesn’t make it look like he is taking this fight lightly at all.

Tell us why you think the man dripping with sweat above wouldn’t want to add another finish to his record? Why he would risk an abrupt end to his career if he was caught throwing a fight? What is your logic to theorize this?

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