The Twilight Zone consensus odds for Ortiz vs Liddell 3

What in the heck is happening here? When Tito Ortiz faces Chuck Liddell for a third time on November 24th under the Golden Boy banner something odd will have occurred, no pun intended. The Huntington Beach Bad Boy will enter the cage as the odds on favorite. Despite getting knocked out twice by The Iceman … Read more

Tito Ortiz looks great in open workout video ahead of Liddell trilogy closer

Tito Ortiz looks like he’s in excellent shape ahead of his November 24th trilogy closer with rival Chuck Liddell. It’s the opportunity for him to finally get a win over the man The Huntington Beach Bad Boy called ‘The Last of the Mohicans’. The first two bouts ended the same with Ortiz laying on the canvas and Liddell celebrating a KO victory but Tito jumped at the chance to face him one more time. In fact the only reason Ortiz came out of retirement was to get that shot at sweet redemption and if you don’t believe him just check out how crisp he looks at the age of 43. Just watch…

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Tito Ortiz full media day interview

Tito Ortiz gets a shot at redemption when he faces rival Chuck Liddell on November 24th under the Golden Boy banner. He has been bested twice by Liddell but the odds have shifted in his favor for a number of reasons. Ortiz has fought somewhat consistently in Bellator since he left the UFC. He went 3-1 in the organization from 2014 -2017 including two high profile wins over Stephan Bonnar and most recently his submission of Chael Sonnen. He seemed very confident in his interview during yesterday’s media day. Check out the full interview below…

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Liddell full media day interview

Chuck Liddell is facing Tito Ortiz for a 3rd time in case you missed it. A little sarcasm there. The bout goes down on November 24th under the Golden Boy promotional banner and the build-up hype has started. Liddell spoke with the media ahead of the fight and thankfully we can share the video with you. Say what you want about Chuck but he’s a legend and pioneer in the sport. Check it out…

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Lidell is actually heckled at a workout by the man he intends to murder for Golden Boy

WHAT is going on with the build up to Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell 3? Golden Boy is ramping up the hype for the November 24th fight and doing a pretty good job with it considering they are primarily focused on boxing. But this….this is just odd. Chuck was hitting the pads in front of the media during a promotional open workout and Ortiz was there to heckle him. Just watch the video and ask yourself what we did. How is Ortiz still alive after doing this?

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Chuck Liddell says no worries because Ortiz couldn’t break an egg

So it got WEIRD yesterday ahead of the November 24th clash between bitter rivals turned grumpy old former UFC light heavyweight champions Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz. Golden Boy is ramping up their promotional hype for the fight and not doing so bad to be honest. Chuck held an open workout and Tito was in the room heckling him. Yes you read that right and no it isn’t as epic as it sounds. Check out this clip of Chuck talking about Ortiz and it’s not exactly complimentary…

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Is it time for Weidman to regroup or simply retire?

After suffering a brutal knockout loss to Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza at UFC 230 this past weekend, Chris Weidman finds himself in a position in his career that we are quite familiar with. We’ve seen the dilemma before in fellow former champs like Chuck Liddell, Rich Franklin, and Michael Bisping. Towards the end of their careers … Read more

YouTuber puts Ortiz and Liddell training side by side and Chuck looks old

On November 24th we might finally see Tito Ortiz get his revenge.  Footage of Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz training has surfaced and when YouTuber Boxing Physique put it side by side we cringed. Tito still looks strong and fierce but Chuck looks like a grandpa getting ready to tell kids to get off his lawn. Golden Boy brings us the trilogy ending fight on the eve of Thanksgiving. Will Tito finally win?

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Liddell still bitter about being pushed out of UFC

UFC legend Chuck Liddell was essentially forced into retirement after suffering three brutal knockout losses in his last four fights.  Dana White expressed his concerns publicly and announced his friends retirement citing that he was looking out for him.  It never seemed to sit well with Chuck and he would occasionally discuss a potential comeback but it never came to fruition. Thanks to Golden Boy promotions he finally steps back in to the cage in November to face Tito Ortiz for a third time. Before he does he spoke about the forced retirement and more. Check it out…

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