If there’s a guy who knows what it feels like to be concussed it’s former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell. The legend believes a fellow legend should stop fighting which is kind of hypocritical keeping it 100.

Remember when this happened?

Liddell was knocked out in his last four fights including a KO loss to Tito Ortiz in November of last year. The 48 year old now wants someone he respects to stop fighting and we agree with who it is.

BJ Penn was recently knocked out cold in a street fight by some random dude in Hawaii. He’s also on a 7 fight losing streak and not looking at all like he’s got anything left in the tank either. With a potential bout against Nick Lentz coming later this year we could see Penn looking up at the lights yet again. No one wants to see that except for maybe Lentz himself.

BJ needs someone to intervene and if it’s not UFC president Dana White maybe he will listen to Liddell?

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