Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell had his career ended for him by president Dana White due to the string of knockouts he suffered. No one wanted to see him get slept again except for maybe Tito Ortiz. We won’t even bring up that recent Golden Boy Fight….pretending that didn’t happen.

At one point during Chuck’s title run the casual MMA crowd swore he could slay King Kong. Joe Rogan said Liddell had, “dynamite in his hands”. The Iceman was everywhere.

The boxing world had someone like that. A knockout artist who terrified opponents and left fans with plenty to talk about after one of his fights. He was considered the best heavyweight boxer in the world. Of course it’s Mike Tyson we’re talking about and just like Chuck Liddell he crashed and burned at the end of his career.

This doesn’t stop the champion boxer vs MMA champion meeting each other in a street fight conversations that still go on today. Very recently Liddell made the statement that he could have beaten Tyson in a street fight which prompted a fan war on Twitter. Some supported it and others scoffed at it. This prompted Chuck to clarify and if we are being honest he has a point.

Mike Tyson even said several times over the past few years he would get face rolled in an MMA bout where takedowns were legal. What do you think? Could Liddell in his prime best Tyson with a takedown and some strikes?

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