If you have a larger physique than normal in the UFC then you better rent an adjoining room for USADA wherever you go.

The UFC’s go to for athlete drug testing is the United State Anti-Doping Agency, commonly referred to simply as USADA. They can pretty much show up day or night anywhere you might be present. They are reportedly not afraid to visit gyms, homes, or even hotel rooms. These people will get your pee. Believe that.

High profile fighters like former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen, and former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar have all tested positive for banned substances. Some more than once… Nowadays the attitude among fans is almost ‘who’s going to pop this month’. The entire reason for USADA was to identify cheaters and deter fighters from cheating, but they still do. One person who has expressed his belief that the organization pays a little too much attention to him is monster middleweight, Paulo Costa.

The running joke is that Costa is on the ‘secret juice’ and believe it or not, Costa himself is the one who jokes about it the most. Although, it seems that lately the testing is getting to him. If the numbers he shared on Twitter are real we don’t blame him.

Where someone gets these numbers is beyond us. However, if you get tested more than Jon Jones does – something is off.