Uh oh. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does not let things slip past him.

We reported yesterday that podcast legend and UFC commentator, Joe Rogan wanted Hollywood actors to come clean. One of those was Johnson who was included primarily because at 50 he looks better than most younger action stars. The older you get, the harder it is to get ripped – it’s a sad fact of life. Some people turn to PED’s for assistance or at least Testosterone Replacement Therapy when normal workouts won’t get them where they need to go.

Joe already has a very large listener base, but his audience just got a whole lot wider. Fox News is now reporting on it which means the story will get more traction. This is a good thing because it will put more eyes and ears on him. However, on the flip side given Rogan’s controversy concerning his use of racial slurs it could get worse if the left leaning news sites like CNN, MSNBC, and the like pick it up. They will run it in to the ground.

When the clips of Joe saying the slurs came out, The Rock was initially on Rogan’s side because the podcast host was repeating quotes exactly as they were told to him – including the slurs. After the backlash grew and the woke Twitter crowd started carrying torches and pitchforks, Johnson turned on Joe. It was a giant mess, but the point is that Joe is now claiming publicly that The Rock is using performance enhancing drugs making this their second clash in the past few years.

Another problem could be Johnson’s many sponsorships if his image is tarnished because of the claims. Potential lawsuits could spring up and the whole thing could become an unnecessary mess.