The Rock blesses Molly McCann

When one of the biggest movie stars in the world gives you their blessing you have arrived. England’s Molly “Meatball” McCann has been on fire in the UFC women’s flyweight division. She has rattled off three in a row and the last two have come by way of spectacular knockout. The pair of victories ended … Read more

WTF: The Rock almost competed in MMA

Recently, The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson talked to Matt Serra and Jim Norton on UFC Unfiltered about what he called “the toughest f-ing sport in the world.” It is not surprising that a motivated, hungry talent like Johnson would look outside the WWE feeling bored with the company. Luckily, the king of the Hollywood movie … Read more

Watch The Rock’s epic return to Raw *VIDEO*

A superstar¬†was rumored to¬†return last evening on WWE’s Monday Night Raw, and return he did. The Rock showed up in a big 4×4 truck, had Miz park it for him, then made his way to the ring at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. Along the way The Rock took time to converse with rap superstar Rick … Read more

The Rock’s issue of Muscle and Fitness for December finally revealed

Dwayne Johnson has exploded as a true global superstar. From “Die Rocky Die” chants when he first started out as a squeaky clean good guy to one of the biggest box office draws in history is quite a journey. Now, Muscle and Fitness has bestowed upon him a truly unique honor and Dwayne tweeted about … Read more

The Rock makes surprise appearance on RAW, rips Rusev a new one (VIDEO)

While the Big Show was undergoing sensitivity training for ripping down the Russian flag last week, Rusev got a taste of American whoop ass when The Rock made a surprise appearance on RAW in Brooklyn Monday night. After calling Lana a Soviet streetwalker and making fun of Rusev’s high shorts and “moose knuckle”, he smacked … Read more

Mann Talk – An insomniac’s perspective on Fitch, Koscheck and Dana White

It has been a while since my last column. My life has been extremely busy, and my Advanced Reporting Methods class is slowly killing me. Anxiety, caused by the class, has given me Fight-Club-level insomnia. Even though I would only wish insomnia on my worst enemies, it also has a few perks. Staying up all … Read more