The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has seen a myriad of fighters step into the Octagon, some achieving legendary status while others struggle to find their footing. For every champion, there are numerous fighters whose UFC careers are marked by more losses than wins. Here, we take a look at five fighters who, despite their tenacity and effort, ended up with some of the worst records in UFC history.

1. CM Punk (0-2)

Phil Brooks, better known as CM Punk, transitioned from a successful career in professional wrestling to MMA, hoping to make a mark in the UFC. Despite his dedication, Punk’s lack of experience was evident. He lost his debut fight against Mickey Gall in 2016 via submission in the first round. Punk’s second fight against Mike Jackson in 2018 ended in a unanimous decision loss, showcasing his limitations in the sport.

2. Mike Jackson (1-2, 1 NC)

Mike Jackson, who handed CM Punk his second loss, doesn’t boast a stellar UFC record himself. After a loss to Mickey Gall in his debut, Jackson managed to secure a win against Punk. However, his next bout against Dean Barry in 2022 ended in a disqualification win for Jackson, with his performance leaving much to be desired. In his most recent fight, Jackson faced Pete Rodriguez and was knocked out in the first round, further tarnishing his UFC record.

3. Andrei Arlovski (33-22, 2 NC)

While Andrei Arlovski has had a storied career with notable wins and a former heavyweight champion status, his UFC record is marred by a significant number of losses. Arlovski has faced some of the toughest fighters in the heavyweight division, resulting in a mixed record. Despite his resilience and ability to bounce back, Arlovski’s record reflects the brutal nature of competing at the highest level for an extended period. Make no mistake though, “The Pitbull” is a bonafide legend of the game and deserves all the respect.

4. Joe Riggs (4-7, 1 NC)

Joe Riggs had a turbulent UFC career marked by ups and downs. With a professional MMA career spanning various promotions, Riggs struggled to find consistency in the UFC. Despite having notable wins, his losses overshadowed his victories, resulting in a subpar UFC record. His inability to maintain a winning streak in the promotion ultimately defined his time in the UFC.

5. BJ Penn (16-14-2)

BJ Penn is a UFC Hall of Famer and former lightweight and welterweight champion, but the latter part of his career was marred by a significant losing streak. After an illustrious start, Penn’s inability to secure victories in his last several fights led to a record that doesn’t reflect his earlier dominance. He’s a beloved legend inside the Octagon, but his perseverance to keep fighting, even past his prime, contributed to a series of losses that negatively impacted his overall UFC record.

In the UFC, where only the strongest survive, some fighters end up with records that don’t reflect their heart and effort. While the fighters mentioned above had challenging careers in the Octagon, they each brought something unique to the sport. Their journeys serve as a reminder of the harsh realities of MMA, where every fighter’s story is a testament to their courage and determination, regardless of the outcomes.