by: Jack Bratcher Notice in the picture above James “The Colossus” Thompson’s left ear (it’s on the right). Can anyone please explain to me what has happened? I know all about cauliflower ear, but I know nothing about and never ... Read More »

Did you know the UFC was on FRIENDS?


Yes, the once popular TV show “Friends” featured an episode that included one of Ross’ buddies fighting Tank Abbott inside the Octagon. Bruce Buffer announced the action, and the rest is history. What if in real life though… Jennifer Anniston ... Read More »

Lyoto Machida was Dana White’s Assassin

by: Jack Bratcher Dana White told Las Vegas radio personality, Steve Cofield that Lyoto Machida was his “assassin” he hand picked to beat Tito Ortiz. I knew it instinctively but to hear him actually verbalize it was an important confirmation. ... Read More »

Tito’s Triangle at UFC 84

This was Tito’s only hope; a last minute triangle to armbar attempt that quickly failed. Lyoto Machida went on to win a unanimous decision in which could very well be Tito Ortiz’s last fight in the UFC. Notice Tito’s raw ... Read More »

Lyoto Machida vs. Rich Franklin (video)

The first part of this first video has some Lyoto highlights then goes into round one with Lyoto Machida’s fight with Rich Franklin. Round 1 [youtube=] Round 2 [youtube=] Read More »

Michael Jackson was at UFC 84

It’s true, Michael Jackson is evidently a fan of The Ultimate Fighting Championship as evidenced by his appearance at UFC 84. Attendees report seeing the King of Pop wheeled into the arena in a wheelchair just in time for the ... Read More »

Kimbo Responds To Dana White (video)

[youtube=] It’s pretty cool how Kimbo doesn’t keep the smack talk going with Dana.  Also, pretty funny when this woman interviewer asks Kimbo, “just what is a Kimbo NUT?” Read More »

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