Todd Whitzel

Search is currently underway for 27-year-old Arizona professional mixed martial arts fighter and Rage in the Cage veteran Todd M. Whitzel, who has been missing for 12 days.

Whitzel was last seen at a little neighborhood bar called “The Wagon Wheel” in Picture Rocks, Ariz., a subdivision on the outskirts of Tucson, late Thursday evening, May 12, 2011.

Whitzel’s aunt, Michelle Estala, contacted ( with the news over the weekend in order to get the word out to the MMA community, hoping someone may come forward with information regarding Whitzel’s whereabouts.

According to Estala, Whitzel was involved in an altercation against two men outside the bar when a group of men from inside came out and joined in. At this point, apparently a gun was pulled by a friend of Whitzel’s to keep the crowd at bay, giving Whitzel time enough to escape on his Harley Davidson motorcycle with his friend on the back.

Estala stated, according to the friend, Whitzel dropped him off at his home about four minutes away. He asked Whitzel to stay but he declined and said he needed to go. That was the last anyone has seen or heard from Todd Whitzel.

Whitzel’s aunt said  his girlfriend made a call to his mobile phone at 3:01 a.m. early Friday morning, May 13. The phone was answered and she stayed on the call for 23 minutes calling out for Whitzel but all she could hear was the motorcycle, until finally, the bike shut off and she heard a dog bark but there was still no response.

Todd Whitzel on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

She hung up and repeatedly tried to call back to no avail until around 5:30 a.m. when either Whitzel’s phone was shut off or the battery went dead.

Estala said Whitzel is not the type of person to just take off somewhere and not let anyone know. Aside from being close with his family he is also the single father of two young sons, ages four and two. The two-year-old lives with his mother, but Magnus, the four-year-old, lives with Whitzel. spoke with Whitzel’s mother, Glenda Whitzel, this morning via phone while she was in the desert searching for any signs of her son, or his motorcycle which is still missing. This is something she has been doing for the last ten days.

“We’re in the desert looking for buzzards to see where they’re landing, to see if we can find his body,” said Ms. Whitzel.

She said the Marana and Pima County police were currently attempting to get a court order to find the location of the tower where her son’s mobile phone was last used, a process that could still take another day or two.

There have been complaints from the family regarding the local law enforcement’s seeming unwillingness to get involved. Our call to the Marana Police Department regarding the case has not been returned.

Todd Whitzel

Todd Whitzel never won a UFC title. Most of you have never heard of Todd. But the fact he was a professional mixed martial arts fighter means he was still part of this family, and the fact he was willing to get inside that cage and stand toe-to-toe with another man gives us at least an inkling of the type of person he is.

Todd’s last professional fight on record took place at Rage in the Cage 119 in Nov. 2008 at the Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson, Ariz. He defeated Joshua Bossardet via kimura submission in the third round.



If anyone has any information relating to Todd Whitzel’s location or this case please contact Sgt. Alvarez at the Marana Police Department in Marana, Ariz., at 520-382-2000.

  • Name: Todd M. Whitzel
  • Height: 5′ 10″
  • Weight: 165 lbs.
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Hair: Brown
  • Recognizable features: Has an Ace of Spades tattoo on the back of head
  • Last seen: 5-11-11 on a 2007 Harley Davidson motorcycle near Tucson, Ariz.

UPDATE (5-27-11) – received word this morning that Todd Whitzel’s  2007 Harley Davidson motorcycle has been located. It was found in the desert turned on it’s side and completely burned up by fire.

48 thoughts on “Search underway in Arizona for missing MMA fighter Todd Whitzel”
  1. This is sad, especially knowing he’s a father of two young boys. My prayers are with this family.

  2. I don’t know Todd but I’ll be praying for him and his family, especially his children. God bless.

  3. Todd is in my prayers every night. If anyone has any information please contact family or police. All my love to his parents, brother, sister, and most of all his childern.

  4. As the grandparents of Todd, we are so worried and have him on our prayer lists. Please someone come forward to his whereabouts and pray for all his family.

  5. Bev and Susan, I’m so sorry for your family and Todd’s children. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  6. Jack…..I’m Todd’s uncle, motorcycle minister and prison chaplain. Thank you so much for getting the word out about Todd through your website. Totally awesome and a blessing for our family.

  7. Hi Dale, you are more than welcome. I’m a little disturbed more MMA sites have not touched on this. I sent it to a few of the local Arizona news publications too but I’m not sure if anyone out there has reported on it yet. Please keep us updated with any new info. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

  8. Thank you Jack! Like i said in our earlier messages i really appreciate it. Getting this out is so important its getting harder each day but your help is a nice blessing we really needed, thanks again and i will keep u informed.

  9. I am Todd’s girlfriend. The actual last date Todd was seen was Thursday May 12, 2011 around 12am when the bar was closing. Also the last call that went to his cell phone ended at 3:31am and was followed up with a text that went through at 3:36am and all further attempts of phoning or texting never logged through to his phone and still hasn’t until this day. I love and miss Todd very much and I just want him to come home safely.

  10. This is Jessica Whitzel, Todd’s sister. I cannot express enough how grateful my family and I are for everyone who has helped get the word out and also for everyone’s prayer!s and support. If anyone has any information please come forward with it. We want nothing but to bring him home and have a proper funeral for him. Without that it makes it very difficult to move on … He will always be missed.

  11. Hi Jess its Holly I foward the text your mom sent me to all my contacts and his picture & info are on my facebook page!11 You were all there for me when my son passed and I could never repay you all for that but please let me know if there is anything I can do to help plz!11 love you all God bless…

  12. i please ask that all of us keep an open mind and heart that Todd will come back to us alive and well. let’s not think the worse until we have proof. thank you so much to everyone who offers up a helping hand or prayers.

  13. All my heart and soul are praying for the return of Todd, my nephew. I have spread the word through various prayer chains both local and worldwide. It is with great gratitude to this site for it’s postings and updates. All my love and prayers to family and friends.

  14. Hopefully someone will come forward with some info about these people who were in the bar.anybody who keeps secrets for these horrible people are just as bad in my eyes.somebody has to know something.I just wish I could do more for this family.please let us know if there is any way we can help

  15. My prayers go out to all those close to todd like I am. He wax my boyfriends best friend and I can only hope hes returned safely

  16. we will bring you home even if it be to lay you to rest… We love and miss you Toddy-Woddy. <3

  17. Just want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers, as u enjoy this memorial weekend pray that we todds family find him today we r gather as a family to search again and know the power of prayer so please eveyone take a min before u joy that scrumpitious burger and i know we can bring him home thanks again

  18. Well another long day but we will not quit. Jack thank you again without you we could not have gotten the word out you are the greatest

  19. Todd is getting coverage at ‘’. In my opinion it is the best site on the web dealing with missing people and true crime mysteries.

    Does anyone know who the men were that he had an altercation with? Were they involved in the Outlaw MC world? I know the HA has a huge presence in AZ.

  20. Missing bud, this is todds aunt we know of a couple and we the family have talked to everyone that we know of that was there not that they r saying much. We have been searching the desert for weeks but have not covered half, but would love to talk more u can contact me personal will go to ur site now hopefully wean bring todd home to rest, thank you for the posting

  21. Glenda and Family, this is Diana Magnus’s Mimi, I just want to express to you all how wonderful Todd had been these last few months. We have had long conversations and the growth towards being a better person has been so strong in Todd’s heart, it has been beautiful to watch. Brian and I pray that Todd is safe somewhere and when he can will contact you. I am so very sorry for what you and your family are going thru, my heart and thoughts are with you. God Bless all who love and care for Todd, may this nightmare end and may Todd come back to his children and family.

    Kimmy God Bless you honey as I know the pain you are going thru as well. We are praying!

  22. Thank you Diana. It is very emotional and trying for me. I love Todd so much and miss seeing him everyday. I pray we can find him soon.

    Thank you to everyone who is helping search for Todd.

  23. Really unfortunate situation. I wish you guys the best on your search for Todd. My hopes and prayers are with you guys.

  24. Just want to say thanks again and to update everyone. We are still as a family following every lead and searching the large desert area involved, we will not give up till we bring Todd home. A family member found the buke after a tip off our posters, Marana PD collect the evidence and we know they got something off of it although it was badley burnt. Thank God and u Jack for getting the word out we do know that they have finally assigned two investagators to the case. Thanks for all the support i will keep you updated and anyone with any info please contact the family or 88crime anyone in area want to help search it is a large area and very hot this time of year we appreciate all the prayers and support.

  25. GRACE & PEACE to you from GOD our FATHER & the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!
    1 corinthians 1:3

  26. To the Whitzel Family My Prayers are with you. I only met Todd for a brief moment but our meeting is forever a great memory in my mind he was the first MMA fight I ever had. He is a great guy and a wonderful fighter he really motivated and inspired me. I hope and pray he will return safely. If there is anything I can do please email me.

    God Bless
    Josh Bossardet

  27. Glenda,
    I love you more then words can say! Your in my thoughts and prayers, I pray that GOD brings Todd home to you soon & safely!!

  28. Thanks again to everyone, Todds mother has read all the comments and sends her deepest thanks for all your prayers and thoughts, please continue to prayer for Todd, his children and his mother thank you

  29. ****** GOD BLESS YOU ******
    It’s a little prayer- “GOD BLESS YOU” but it means so much today & always. It means may angels guard you & his sunshine light your way. God’s love surround you, peace enfold you, never to depart. It’s a little prayer- “GOD BLESS YOU”, it comes straight from the bottom of my heart!!!

  30. Hey missing bud, thanks for not forgetting u will never know what that means to us. As for any new information we dont really know anything, Marana PD has assigned an invesragator who has been gone for unknown reasons never the less i am sure someone has been covering his workload. We the family have followed every lead or tip we have gotten, yet Monday was one month since anyone has seen our bright eyed, beautiful smiling Todd and we are no closer it seems. Again i plead with anyone, someone out there knows something you may not even realize the significence. Todd M. Whitzel last seen alive in area of picture rocks road and sandario road on his 2007 Harley Davidson on may 13,2011 around 1:10am. His motorcycle was found by family thanks to tips phoned in. Again the bike ws placed in area of trico rd and avra valley rd. burnt on may 20,2011 mayb you saw the bike may again u dont even know that the information you have may b important please if you know anything call 88-crime or marana pd or contact the family we just want to bring Todd home, help a mother lay her son to rest. Thank you and i know got a lil side tracked missing bud but thank you for all

  31. Thanks for the update, Michelle. I pray for the best possible resolution for you and your family. If Todd is indeed gone, someone needs to pay for this crime! Michelle, would you mind emailing me personally? I can be reached at “[email protected]”. I am a member of a national search and recovery organization that may be of some assistance. I am not sure of the extent of the police and your personal family/friend searches, but this group may definitely be of some help. Feel free to contact me at the email above. Thanks.

  32. Is there any new leads for this poor family? I cannot imagine what they are going through,is there any updates I truly hope God brings you to your loved one soon….

  33. Sry it has been a while, however there are no new updates, last we knew we were asked (the family) to back off and allow police to do their job. We have not found Todds body and are asking please someone knows someething pplease help a mother find some closure.we appreciate everyones support and prayers, thank you

  34. To the Whitzel family, our prayers are with you. Todd was very special. I will miss seeing his sweet face and beautiful smile.

  35. Hey sup brother I knew u for thirteen years Todd u were like my big brother I probably new u better then anyone out there besides ur family man maddi is saying ur name ill never forget the first time u seen her an what u told me u were my brother and a great friend if peopleonly knew what. I knew I love u bro we had some good times an. Bad times maddi gives her uncletpdd a kiss o love u always an will never forget u an the person u were

  36. Just wanted to update everyone especially you Jack, it is 5months today since Todd was last seen alive, thank God his body has been found and a man has been arrested on 1st degree murder. This is a loss to us all but especially his mother and his two sons thank you all for the prayers please continue to pray for his family and thanks again this truely is a great loss to many, also Jack thank you so much because of you we were able to get the story out.

  37. Thank you Michelle. I hope this will bring some closure for you and the rest of Todd’s family and friends. Please let us know what happens with the person that is accused and if he is convicted. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  38. Just wanted to let everyone know Corey Edwards will be fighting this Saturday here in Tucson @Casino del Sol October 22,2011 Corey has dedicated this fight to Todd and I thank him everyone show Corey ur love and get tickets and we know Todd will be in your corner. Thanks Corey

  39. If anyone is looking for updates a man has been arrested we will as a family be attending the courts. Keep Todd’s mother and especially his young children in your prayers and Todd you will never be forgotten I love you honey

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