Two-time Olympian Ronda Rousey wins in the midst of controversy

The Strikeforce Challengers Card held on August 12 had one of the brightest stars of women’s MMA on Showtime, 2004 and 2008 Olympian Ronda Rousey.

Ronda came out and got behind her jab, closed the distance, performed some great inside wrestling and secured a 2 on 1 position that is known in wrestling as “the Russian 2 on 1.”

She performed a great technique from judo called uchimata which came off of a beautiful irimi-kuzushi movement and transitioned quickly to the mat right into and armbar and secured the arm and you can clearly see that the arm is trapped but her opponent didn’t tap.

Sarah D’Alelio did not tap.

Her corner confirmed that she did not tap.

The video showed on the big screen showed that she did not tap.

However, Ronda said that she said, “tap, tap.”

Sarah D’Alelio said, when asked by Mauro Ranallo if she tapped, “I didn’t tap, I said “Arrrrgggghhhh.'”

Okay, pardon me for laughing here *** BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ***

Okay, I’m back.

I’ve been doing Brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling since 1998. I know, hell, everybody knows, “if you scream, you tapped!”

Those are the rules.

Those are the universal rules.

And those are the basic rules that you are given in the locker room, more or less.

But, the general public doesn’t understand that. They are programmed to believe what they see.

And unfortunately, instead of the Mixed Martial Arts community talking about how good Ronda Rousey looked in the fight – the blogoshpere, twitter-sphere, and Facebook community are arguing about a “tap” that never happened, but a submission that did.

Sarah D’Alelio screamed. She lost. The ref stopped the fight and those are the rules.

Unfortunately for Ronda, this is NOT what you want people talking about in your victory.

But it was a good win none the less, but it’s not going to have the media impact and tsunami of support to urge Dana White to give women’s MMA a second thought for the UFC unfortunately.

I have the highest amount of respect for Ronda Rousey. Hell, I know her and love her, but tonight, may have been a mistake. And it’s one that she doesn’t usually make. I’ve seen Ronda Rousey compete in Judo and I’ve NEVER seen her let somebody’s arm go….. EVER! Tonight wasn’t the night to put “nice” at the forefront. Tonight was a night to eliminate all conversations save for the quality of women’s MMA. Unfortunately, the one card with any form of controversy on it was the women’s card.

What does Strikeforce do with Ronda Rousey now?


A rematch with D’Alelio?

or… another “middle of the roader.”

Unfortunately this didn’t really setup a great “next fight.”

But…….. with a little time and some media hype and the right spin by the top brass in Strikeforce, I think we may possibly see Carano vs. Rousey as a co-main event soon!

We can only hope!

P.S. Ronda’s mom is going to kick her @ss for letting that arm go! I know her mom and what she going to tell her is, “Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be nice.” Tonight’s win got her the win check, but it definitely was not as lucrative as it could have been. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be nice.