Does Mike Tyson look disappointed revealing his DNA ancestry results?

The baddest man on the planet actually comes from Africa. Tyson revealed during his ‘Hotboxin With Mike Tyson’ show that he did an ancestry DNA test and found out the country he is from resides in central Africa. The Democratic Republic of Congo has a current population of over 80 million making it the 16th … Read more

Triple C trains with Mike Tyson and it’s awesome

There is something about Henry Cejudo training with Mike Tyson that feels right. In this clip we see Cejudo execute a patented Tyson combo coached by the man himself. He does it so well that the word “perfect” comes out of Iron Mike’s mouth. That is high praise. Check it out.

Chuck Liddell’s recent clarification on beating Mike Tyson is pretty reasonable

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell had his career ended for him by president Dana White due to the string of knockouts he suffered. No one wanted to see him get slept again except for maybe Tito Ortiz. We won’t even bring up that recent Golden Boy Fight….pretending that didn’t happen. At one point … Read more