Bisping is certain Mike Tyson starches Logan Paul in February

YouTube menace turned wannabe pro boxer Jake Paul seems to be the money fighter of his family. Despite being nicer and seemingly more intelligent, older brother and fellow wannabe pro boxer Logan isn’t getting the same attention as Jake. Logan last fought – and lost despite faring surprisingly well – against one of the all … Read more

LISTEN: Dana White thinks Mike Tyson looked good and beat Roy Jones Jr

When retired boxing champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Junior announced they would be returning to fighting in their 50s there was a collective sigh. No one wants to see athletes who ruled the world in their primes look like shells of their former selves. Cough, Chuck Liddell, cough. Thankfully the bout was actually pretty … Read more

The hilarious moment Dana White finds out Jones versus Tyson has a no KO rule

The Roy Jones Junior versus Mike Tyson over 50 legends exhibition fight extravaganza just keeps getting more bizarre. First, it comes out that there will be no athletic commission assigned judges and then that there is apparently a no knock out rule. CBS reported that the term “sparring“ was what the California Athletic Commission referred … Read more