Ngannou wants Tyson Fury, says boxing is ‘first love’

Ever since Francis Ngannou knocked out Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 to capture the heavyweight title he is everywhere in the media. His knockout power, gentle smile, and hulking frame are the perfect marketability storm. He has even drawn comparisons to former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in his prime which is high praise for anyone. Francis was given some pointers by Tyson in clips that have surfaced on social media. Ngannou admits that boxing is his ‘first love’ which explains his joy in those videos.

Speaking of boxing.

In recent weeks Francis has mentioned fighting undisputed boxing champion Tyson Fury. While it would be interesting it would be another mixed martial artist giving up all of their tools except for pugilistic talents. Ngannou has Jon Jones and Derrick Lewis in line for a shot which are both big money bouts so hopefully he will stay focused on defending his belt.

Ngannou spoke to TMZ about boxing and more…

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