LISTEN: Dana White thinks Mike Tyson looked good and beat Roy Jones Jr

When retired boxing champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Junior announced they would be returning to fighting in their 50s there was a collective sigh. No one wants to see athletes who ruled the world in their primes look like shells of their former selves. Cough, Chuck Liddell, cough. Thankfully the bout was actually pretty good.

It ended in a draw after an eight round exhibition contest which was likely to happen given the rules. Two minute rounds, no knockouts, and other things in place to protect men of advanced ages. Without an odd number of rounds it was a foregone conclusion unless someone had an asthma attack or passed out. Still we were all hoping for a definitive winner but it was fun anyways.

Dana White was asked about the fight and seemed appreciative of it and proud of both of the competitors. He did clarify that he thought Mike Tyson definitely won the fight and was not against Mike stepping back into the boxing ring again. White was very critical of Tyson’s decision to return leading up to the event but his performance seemed to have changed his mind.

Give it a listen…

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