Matt Hughes shames Jones and Cormier publicly over brawl

Matt hughes the goody-two shoes has emerged from the comforts of his farm long enough to point the finger of shame at Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier over their now legendary brawl now dominating the MMA news sites. Matt has never shied away from voicing his opinion. Remember as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter … Read more

Renzo Gracie gets shot at revenge over Matt Hughes in 2015

At UFC 112 Renzo Gracie met Matt Huges in a fight that saw him finished in the third round. Four years have passed and the two will meet again. This time however, it will be under more favorable circumstances for Gracie.   Confirmed super fight for the ADCC 2015 My brother @matthughes9x always a honor … Read more

BJ Penn: Top 5 moments of his legendary career

Former UFC welterweight and lightweight champion BJ Penn probably fought for the last time by all accounts on Sunday night, losing via TKO against former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. It was the third fight between the two fighters as Penn lost a controversial decision against Edgar at UFC 112 in 2010, losing his UFC … Read more

Matt Hughes: Georges St-Pierre doesn’t want another beating from Johny Hendricks

Georges St-Pierre recently said that he left the UFC due to his problems with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Whether he has been formally diagnosed with that disorder or it’s a self-diagnosis, we don’t know. What we do know is that the longest reigning UFC welterweight champ in history gave up his title after taking a whoopin’ from Johny Hendricks last November (yes, GSP technically won the decision).

Like Liddell and Hughes, Ortiz also wanted UFC job

Matt Hughes got one. Chuck Liddell got one. Tito Ortiz did not get one.

I’m talking about jobs with the UFC after fighting. Both Liddell and Hughes received positions with the company that seem to have come from a sense of loyalty they both showed to the organization and to boss Dana White over the years.

UFC implements fighter code of conduct; Matt Hughes appointed VP of Athlete Development & Government Relations

The UFC implemented a Conduct Policy for fighters today and appointed UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes as the UFC’s Vice President of Athlete Development and Government Relations. There’s two reasons why this was interesting timing.

Dana White: ‘Chuck Liddell gets a big fat paycheck every week’

If you recall when Chuck Liddell retired he was given his new position of Vice President of Business Development with the UFC. But anytime anyone asked him about his job description, he gave vague answers like, “help promote the sport” or be an “ambassador” for the sport — stuff like that.

In a new interview with, UFC President Dana White gave a little more insight into what exactly “The Iceman’s” duties require — and if you think ol’ Chucky boy is sitting in an office somewhere answering phone calls or setting up appearances, think again.

Renzo Gracie preparing for a return to the UFC

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialist Renzo Gracie has recently indicated he has plans of returning to the UFC octagon for a second time. The 45-year-old still has a desire to compete and with several fights still on his contract, it seems fans will get to see a Gracie in the UFC again soon.