matt hughes

Matt hughes the goody-two shoes has emerged from the comforts of his farm long enough to point the finger of shame at Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier over their now legendary brawl now dominating the MMA news sites. Matt has never shied away from voicing his opinion. Remember as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter how he told Rashad Evans he didn’t like “showboating”. We’re sorry Matt. We love you, but aren’t you the same fighter who scoops up opponents, races across the cage, and then dumps them unnecessarily in spectacular fashion.

Hughes has never liked anyone who could potentially put a black eye on the sport, and he definitely does not like trash talk. Remember GSP’s Canadian robot voice saying, “I’m not impressed by your performance”. If not here’s a refresher. Watch Matt’s face, classic.

So then this happened yesterday.

Then, quicker than the Vegan Police in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Matt Hughes emerges with his MMA badge and attempts to arrest them with a virtual trash talking ticket via a shaming Tweet.

@dc_mma@JonnyBones Chances are you 2 will not read this but what you’ve done is bad for the sport. I would stop talking about it.

Something tells me Matt that they aren’t listening. If anything this garners more interest in a UFC fight than there has been in a long time and the UFC needs a good shot in the arm. No matter what happens with the NSAC this brawl will have the spotlight for a very, very long time.

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