Dolph Ziggler in Tapout gear / screenshot

There was a time when Tapout was synonymous with MMA and was the official apparel sponsor of the UFC. In the days of the Chuck Liddells and the Matt Hughes’s — let’s call it the glory days — Tapout was everywhere. They had their own reality show and their apparel adorned tattooed bald tough guys around the world. But that now seems like eons ago and the wild guys who started out selling Tapout T-shirts in parking lots have been replaced with the corporate stylings¬†of Reebok.

Tapout has also gone through changes. One of their founders Charles “Mask” Lewis is no longer with us and the company was purchased by Authentic Brands Group who reached an exclusive deal with WWE earlier this year. The WWE will maintain a 50% stake in the joint venture and will benefit from Tapout’s growth. The new line of WWE Tapout clothing is not due out until¬†2016, but you can get a first glimpse right here in the video below.

Also, check out John Cena working out in his new Tapout gear:

What do you think? Any chance you would purchase the new WWE Tapout apparel after seeing this?

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