Martial arts teacher gets owned by his students during training

If you are going to tout yourself as a badass then make sure you can back it up. During what looks like military or paramilitary training an instructor begins to explain and demonstrate a move on several students. Good so far. Then he tries to pull it off.  Meh. Then it goes wrong. WTF? Then he gets demolished and embarrassed and it’s bad. Watch this and take note if you are a would be instructor and try out a move you don’t fully have down pat.

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In RIZIN retraction Mayweather lost a lot of respect and it’s possibly about the rules

Folks, it’s time to stop smoking the hope-ium. We should have known it was way too good to be true when we saw Floyd Mayweather Jr at a RIZIN press conference. It was announced that he would face one of the best kickboxers alive Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve to the surprise of everyone. … Read more

Fighter gets dropped in seven seconds by devastating groin kick

No clue who these guys are. I will say that up front here. What I do know is this is one of the most impressive shots to the groin since I was in 3rd grade and Amy Willard kicked me in the junk on the playground for calling her a poop face. Seven seconds and this fighter is clutching the jewels like someone is trying to steal them. Warning: If you’re a guy you may actually feel this through the screen. Ouch.

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Video compilation of mcdojo gun defenses guaranteed to get you shot

Do not try this in real life. You will die. Someone put together a self defense against guns video showcasing the dangers of mcdojos. Traditional martial arts has a long history of unrealistic defenses and utilize ‘scientific’ explanations to over explain these impractical moves. You know the ones that go like this, “I block his arm exposing his torso, I step over his right foot, grab his wrist, and strike precisely in his armpit” – and the attackers remain completely still. In this compilation we see the ridiculousness of how some people are putting lives at risks with extremely questionable techniques. Check it out…

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Another 3 delusional martial artists of all time captured on video

It’s back! The last article I wrote on delusional martial artists proved to be popular so I decided to resurrect it. I bring to you the people out there preying on the gullible, the easily influenced, and fools who give away their money without much thought. These are the guys selling their brand of mystical … Read more

Watch Mike Tyson bust his ass on a hoverboard

First of all, these “hoverboards” aren’t really hoverboards and I’m a more than a little perturbed they’re charging around half-a-grand for these ridiculous sideways skateboards. Nevertheless former heavyweight boxing champ of the world Mike Tyson looks to have gotten one for Christmas and is shown in this clip eating massive shit in his living room. … Read more

Drunk idiot ruins party after slicing off friend’s nose with Samurai sword (VIDEO) Watch this video then realize you’ve been to a party where this could happen. There’s always some guy who gets way too drunk, or just drunk enough to try and show off. Case in point, here we have an overweight white guy who wants to show off his Samurai sword skills that he learned … Read more

MABS: Fat guy uses the force in EFO system video FAIL

Welcome to another edition of MABS, Martial Arts Bullsh**. EFO (Empty Force) is one of my favorite things to watch in all of the world in terms of delusional martial arts systems. It is a cult of belief where in the instructor pre-conditions students as they progress to believe he can manipulate them without touching … Read more

D’OH… Showtime kick off the mark in this amateur fight

You gotta be feeling like a million bucks when you step into the cage wearing a tuxedo rash guard right? Well the big fella above had aspirations of landing the Anthony Pettis “Showtime” kick off the cage but things didn’t quite go his way. Kudos for trying. Speaking of Pettis, be sure to stay close … Read more