WWE Shock: Christmas Eve RAW draws second lowest modern era rating ever

Let us preface this by saying that we know the Christmas Eve WWE RAW show was pre-taped and as we said we also know that it was Christmas Eve. Still, there is no real defense why a WWE RAW should ever have viewership this low. We’re talking just above TNA impact low but not quite NXT/AEW low.

This information comes from Dave Meltzer whose ratings accuracy has always been correct or pretty darn close. According to Dave, last week’s lowest non holiday RAW rating mark was trumped by Christmas Eve’s. The viewer numbers for each December 24th hour were 1.96, 1.86, and 1.69 million respectively. He also notes that the decline was expected but not as drastic.

It’s not a secret that fans are slowly leaving from product over saturation or more likely the frustration from being told what we want and not getting much of the stuff we actually like.

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