Vince when will you learn, or better yet retire.

WWE has slowly started to crumble from within. Ever since they began to use charities as marketing ploys, took the company public so they are at the mercy of shareholders, and brought in way too many writers the show has suffered. The true personalities of wrestlers are suppressed and replaced of squeaky clean walking merchandise catalogs and scripted, often terrible, promos.

And Vince McMahon appears to be so out of touch it is shameful.

They are truly under the belief that things aren’t as bad as they seem. That fans will come back no matter how bad the shows are. Here’s the problem, Vince. We have AEW and other options that aren’t boring and cringeworthy. You tried to put NXT against them last Wednesday and got smashed in the ratings.

If you want proof of how bad things have gotten listen to your loyal paying customers crap all over your formulaic and thoughtless, muddled, and indecisive Hell in a Cell main event finish. I won’t link that clip because WWE will just take the video down before you can watch it here. Just listen…

Times are changing WWE. It’s time you changed too.

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