Look man. We love martial arts and I got my start in a traditional school with a true bad ass named Eric Moberly. He would later thankfully introduce his hundreds of students to Krav Maga and it sparked me to go train with Rich Franklin and a host of others with another bad ass instructor named Jorge Gurgel. The point I’m trying to make is that I know a Mc-fraud when I see one.

In this clip there is a specific level of fakery up there in the rare dubious air with George Dillman and Frank Dux. A whole lot of the people in attendance probably paid to see this man demonstrate how awesomely strong his gi is.

He flexes and postures with the swag of a shirtless Vladimir Putin and the finesse of ‘The Human Stun Gun’ Tom Cameron. Both of those are not good things in case you can’t sense sarcasm.

Watch this clown perform gi-kido and more importantly how his students go along with it…

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