Conor McGregor’s driving charges are dropped

Conor McGregor can’t help but get himself in hot water. Whether or not it’s throwing objects at buses, post-fight brawling, or speeding like a madman. Last year he received a fine and a driving ban for going well over the speed limit. Here’s what was reported by RT: McGregor was fined €1,000 and banned from … Read more

Danis refutes claims he used a religious slur to start UFC 229 brawl

Dillon Danis has been accused by Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team of inciting the UFC 229 post main event brawl. Conor McGregor and his team has been primarily portrayed as the victim but Khabib’s team is firing back. They claim that Danis was attacked by Khabib who leapt over the cage to get to him because he … Read more

Khabib lays down the law about potential firing of his teammate by UFC

It sounds like a broken record. We know. There was a huge brawl between Khabib Nurmagomedov’s camp and his vanquished opponent Conor McGregor’s at UFC 229 after the main event ended. (Full event results here). So far the only talk of punishment has been primarily, but not exclusively aimed at Nurmagomedov’s team. Zubaira Tukhugov is … Read more

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s dad forgives Conor McGregor but not his son

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov went ballistic after his son Khabib ignited a brawl shortly after submitting Conor McGregor in the 4th round of UFC 229’s main event. Before the event he endured a barrage of very personal insults hurled at his son by Conor. Some of them were brutal and over the line, but that hasn’t stopped … Read more

First UFC 229 brawl suspensions are issued

Journalist Lance Pugmire has reported that the suspensions and fines are underway for the post UFC 229 main event brawl between Khabib Nurmagomedov’s crew and Conor McGregor’s. It was a scene that pretty much ruined the significance of the event and the dominant performance Khabib turned in by submitting Conor in the 4th round. Dana … Read more

Tony Ferguson very critical of Khabib and Conor

Lightweight phenom Tony Ferguson is on an 11 fight win streak and after his win on Saturday over Anthony Pettis at UFC 229 he is surely next in line for a title shot. Conor McGregor was submitted by lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in the main event and then all hell broke loose. At the post fight press conference we heard Dana White express his disgust with the brawl along with many others including Ferguson. Check out what he said…

MMA legend voices disappointment with the ending of UFC 229

In case you missed it there was a huge brawl after lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted Conor McGregor on Saturday at UFC 229. Dana White expressed his disgust with it and made it clear that legal action was a reality as well as the potential for a lengthy suspension from the NSAC for Khabib. MMA … Read more

Dana White was repulsed by UFC 229 main event brawl unsure of commission reaction

Dana White’s reaction to the UFC 229 main event post fight brawl was one of disgust. He was asked about it during the post fight Q and A and he brought up a good point about it all. Conor and his team may not press charges but that doesn’t mean the NSAC is going to let it go. Nurmagomedov could be in hot water after his actions. Check out what DW said:

Fan footage of the UFC 229 main event brawl

After Conor McGregor was beaten soundly by Khabib Nurmagomedov in the main event of UFC 229 we got a bonus fight. People were jumping in and out of The Octagon and basically chaos ruled. In the end Nurmagomedov’s team could have been in big legal trouble but everyone involved including the Irishman refused to press charges. Check out the fan footage of the incident below.