Nate Diaz already getting called out for bare knuckle brawl

Nate Diaz just finished out his UFC contract and was barely on the free market before the call outs started coming fast and furious, Jake Paul, ever the opportunist, must have realized that Diaz was still a draw at 37 years old and dropped his name. Given that Paul likes his freak show boxing opponents … Read more

Paige VanZant is ‘p*ssed’ about BKFC removal

Paige VanZant has apparently been pulled from BKFC London and she is not happy about it. For some reason, some speculate financial, she has been randomly pulled off the card which is the worst possible situation for everyone. The fans are left without an anticipated bout, the fighters are left without a paycheck, and the … Read more

BKFC: Paige Van Zant says haters are scared to talk sh#t to her face

Former UFC fighter Paige Van Zant has had some crossover success in to the mainstream on Dancing with the Stars and Chopped. She is crossing over into new territory again by competing in bareknuckle fighting. She now fights exclusively for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship and while there is excitement for her addition there was initial … Read more